17 years and counting

With over 17 years under our belts landscaping, pruning and shaping London homes and gardens, we have a substantial number of projects to our name. Sometimes it is helpful for clients, when the daunting prospect of thinking up something new is presented, to delve into the past. We don’t try and reinvent the wheel, so why should you? Have a look through our work and if you see something that inspires you to craft a new garden, or just ask some questions – you can use it as a starting point on your garden design journey with Collier and Company. While we have more CADs, planting schematics and pictures than you could shake a branch at, we have selected only some of our favourites for you here. If you want to see more, just ask, we have plenty where these came from.

Design 02

Maintenance 03

Window Boxes 04

Planting 05

Indoors 06

Festive 07