Turning dreams into reality

At Collier & Company, we always explore every potential solution to make your garden and outdoor space dreams into reality. We work with an array of clients, many of whom have started large-scale renovation projects on their home, and call on us to create the best garden design and landscaping outside that flows seamlessly from the style and feel of their home on the inside.

Landscaping the bigger picture

The journey begins with a consultation focused on exploring the elements that guide the design brief for the property. We like to use this conversation to start a collaborative working relationship with our client that gives us insight and understanding to their landscape design vision. Following the initial meeting, a site survey leads to a fully realised proposal incorporating mood boards, visual design references, and a CAD illustrated planting scheme. Finally, we incorporate any lighting and irrigation specifications required for the garden.

If the landscape design is part of a larger renovation project, we can work with the project manager to ensure a timely completion of the garden landscaping in line with the house itself. From here the garden will continue to grow and improve aided by on-going care from our maintenance team.