Bringing the outdoors, in

Anyone who has tried to care for plants inside their home or office knows the dedication needed to account for all the variations in climate, position, energy and more that can affect the success of a plant or arrangement indoors. Collier & Company has over 25 years of dedicated expertise in selecting and managing the best plants for each individual location whether it be in your sitting room or entry hall, decorating your reception desk and board room, or as part of a retail environment.

Style, not just soil

Our care extends from the plant itself to the planter it lives in. We are skilled and practiced at picking the best planter to suit both the specimen itself as well as the room you keep it in. We have access to a large array of materials, designs and finishes to be able to find the perfect plant and planter for each and every room.

In case you aren’t green fingered and don’t spend much time talking to your plants, don’t worry, we can take care of these as well. Whether a long-lasting Orchid arrangement, or something more ephemeral, we have the team to help you. We have developed the skills and knowledge necessary to keep your Orchids living longer than a few weeks or however long you remember to water them for. We know how particular some clients can be about the flowers and plants in their homes and we pride ourselves on being able to make sure you live with exactly what you want.

Mother Nature’s masterpiece

Orchids are both beautiful and notoriously frightening to beginners. While many know they love plentiful indirect sun-light, they seem to run out of steam there. It takes an especially green fingered type to keep Orchids blooming year after year. As popular as they are to have at home or in the office, we hear of them fading and wilting faster and more frequently than any other house plant. Our team of enthusiasts and experts will make sure your Orchids are given the attention and schedule of water and nourishment they need, as well as the all-important light source to keep them growing and blooming year after year.