We’ll take care of the hard work, while you enjoy the view

Gardeners are not obsessed with pruning, shaping and trimming without good reason. Usually these tactics help to encourage flowering, promote healthy growth and crucially aide in disease prevention. In London, where maximising the size of your garden when space is limited is a normal goal, maintenance techniques like this help to create a more appealing, and larger looking garden. A wonderful asset to a house, a beautiful garden can add much more than pure monetary value to a property. As we move beyond 2020 and even 2021, taking care of your outdoor spaces is more important than ever.

Our services:

Part of our on-going service for your garden includes managing the schedule according to the specific planting used for the design. Our highly experienced gardeners use their instincts and knowledge to approach your garden as a whole in the most efficient manner.

Our most requested services include:

Seasonal care of Lawns including reseeding and turfing.
Rejuvenating existing lawns.
Garden hedge and topiary trimming and shaping.
Shrub and Tree pruning.
Weeding and mulching of flower beds and borders including leaf removal.
Seasonal planting of flowers, bulbs, shrubs and trees for optimal blooming.
Pest and disease maintenance and prevention.
Garden furniture, paving, and walls – high pressure cleaning.